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Post OFFSET disabled on new version

Since the dawn of time a post on the board could be pointed to as:

/index.php?showtopic=<thread>&st=<offset of post>

Now the forum updates changed it to:
<thread>/page__st__<offset of post>

All links above go to "full pages" i.e. page__st__25, page__st__50, page__st__75, etc.

More details provided by a member of my community can be read at http://reboot.pro/16746/

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 3.3.1
Fixed In:


Don't use furls and you will still have the old fashioned &st=# in the URL.
Marcher Technologies
May 02 2012 02:39 PM
Farber... they are right.
previously, you could hotlink the post itself cleanly by offset without the post id:
/index.php?showtopic=<thread>&st=<offset of post>
<thread>/page__st__<offset of post>
now however, it seems to require the full post id:
Marcher Technologies
May 02 2012 02:42 PM
not saying is bug btw... just saying it is a legitimate issue for links using the first structure posted, which was valid.
I'm not sure what you are talking about. The st offset has not changed - it works the same as it always has. It is the offset for where to start pulling posts (so if there are 50 posts in a topic and st=20, it starts at post 20).

There's no bug here. st= is working as intended.

Don't use furls and you will still have the old fashioned &st=# in the URL.

It was working since 2010 just fine the way it was. Only got broken with the recent upgrade.

If I disable FURL, we break even more links.

I lack the knowledge to provide back this functionality, even if had such knowledge then it would not even be feasible to worry about reapplying it back on each forum upgrade.

Can we just have the previous syntax for compatibility sake of old links?

I guess we're just not understanding each other on what your issue actually is.. the st value has always worked in this way since forever and we haven't changed it recently (apart for the different format page__st__XX in furl urls).
Yes, as I said, the functionality of st=# in the URL has not changed. You are insisting it has, so I'm trying to understand what you think has changed about it.

The 'st' parameter is designed to tell the code the offset to start pulling posts (e.g. LIMIT 100, 20 if st=100 was in the URL). This is how it has always worked, and how it works now. What changed?