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Spaces after URL

Hi! I found a little bug. When you paste any link in textbox, then exacly 4 spaces (with random sometimes I can't reproduce it, but it works for different amount of spaces too) and then some text you will get something like this:

Attached Image: 1.png

Attached Image: 2.png

Link doesn't work and if you do this on Shoutbox, Shoutbox doesn't work correctly too. Screens are from this forum. How can I repair this?

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Attached Image: 1.png Attached Image: 2.png

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.3.4
Fixed In: 3.4.0


Updating Status to: Confirmed - General

Updating Status to: Confirmed - FAO Matt

Updating Fixed In to: 3.4.0
Updating Status to: Fixed

It's because we convert to NBSP in 3.3. We don't do this in 3.4, so it's not an issue.