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Tabs in Quick Post

When pasting data with tabs in it into the quick post box, the amount of spaces used for each tab is different in different browsers:

(latest non alpha/beta versions)

opera - 0
chrome - 0
safari - 0
ie - 1
firefox - 4

Seems it's working properly in firefox.

I think this issue also happens in the "More Reply Options" post editor too.

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 3.2.2
Fixed In:


Not tested
any updates for this issue? i think the priority should be increased for this, it's so annoying having to manually fix the indentation.
Can reproduce at creditor.com/demo therefore it's a CKEditor issue.
ah kool, i've reported the issue on their bug tracker.

The report was closed with a "won't fix" / "can't fix" status.