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YouTube not working in IE10

In IE10 (Internet Explorer on the Desktop in Windows 8) an embedded YouTube Movie is not displayed, it only shows a blank area. It works fine in Chrome.
Attached Image: YT_BUG_IE10.png
Attached Image: YT_BUG_Chrome.png

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Attached Image: YT_BUG_Chrome.png Attached Image: YT_BUG_IE10.png

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.4.2
Fixed In: 3.4.3


Might add that it is reproduceable at this site.

This is happening on my site too.  Youtube also doesn't seem to work on the mobile theme on an iphone anymore either.

Updating Status to: Confirmed - General

Updating Fixed In to: 3.4.3
Updating Status to: Fixed


This is still an issue at IPS forums, http://community.inv...ic/378013-test/

We hadn't applied the change here.