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12:00am !== 12:00pm

I'm having a number of issues with Calendar at the moment:
  • If I want an event to begin/end at 12:00pm, I have to input 12:00am (inputting 12:00pm results in the event being shown as 12:00am). This appears to include any time within the 12 o'clock hour, as in 12:40pm is translated to be 12:40am.
  • The Timezone Mismatching issue I reported previously still appears to exist (exported events occur 24 hours longer than they should with a one hour offset). I've also noticed that it appears to affect iCal Imports in the same way. [See Here]
  • When Calendars aren't viewable by guests, an error is received by members when they try to subscribe to Calendars via iCal. I'm guessing this is intended functionality for security, but there needs to be an option to override it and/or allow for authentication when attempting to fetch the Calendar.
  • Anything involving 7:00 seems to just screw things up. Since IP.Calendar has a built-in method for checking whether an event's end time is after its begin time, I think the screenshot below shouldn't have been possible. I realize that this was supposed to have been fixed here, but it's still happening for me on a vanilla installation of 3.2.2.
  • There are some minor inconveniences/aesthetic concerns. For example, when adding a second-level bulleted list item, a linebreak between it and the item above it is added when parsed. Also, it would make a lot of sense if an event's end date were set equal to its start date via JS onBlur (this is an unnecessary annoyance when adding events with start/end times on any day but today).
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Status: Not a Bug
Version: 3.2.2
Fixed In:


You should submit separate bug reports for each issue.

1) Can't reproduce

2) Fixed in 3.2.2, which hasn't been released yet.

3) Not feasible realistically (any feed import tool would be seen as a guest, so it wouldn't work), but nevertheless, this is a suggestion, not a bug.

4) Again, 3.2.2 has NOT been released yet. IP.Board 3.2.2 and Calendar 3.2.2 are two completely different applications. Calendar 3.2.2 will be released alongside IP.Board 3.2.3.

5) List parsing bugs would be IP.Board bugs, since Calendar uses the IP.Board editor. Your onBlur suggestion is a request, not a bug.
Thanks, Brandon. I'd forgotten that IP.Calendar was an add-on separate from IP.Board with a staggered release cycle (I was looking at the IP.Board version).