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  Title Status Version Fixed In

Enormus growing size of cache_store table

Fixed 3.3.1 3.3.2

IPB 3.2. Calendar Doesn't Display Calendar Events in Board Index

Cannot Reproduce

DST not taken into account on display

Fixed 3.3.1 4.0.0 Beta 1

Birthdays not showing on Forum Index


minical cache growth

Fixed 0 0

Error when updating Internet Calendar Subscriptions

Cannot Reproduce 3.3.0

Birthday hook not working

Cannot Reproduce 3.3.3 0

Viewing Calendar Events from iOS Device

Fixed 3.3.3 3.3.4

Can't change date format

Not a Bug 3.3.4 0

Imported Calendar events have RSVP enabled

Not a Bug 3.3.1

Board Index hook doesn't obey ACP time/date format

Fixed 3.3.3 4.0.0 Beta 1

Recurring events can sometimes be skipped in ICS

Fixed 3.3.1 3.3.2

3.3.2 beta should be 3.3.3

Fixed 3.3.2 3.3.3

Hardcoded strings in calendar permission

Fixed 3.3.3 3.3.4

Stray closing </strong> tag

Fixed 0 4.0.0 Beta 1

Date Format and Calendar Select JS

Fixed 3.3.3 3.3.4

isoDate for recurring events (upcoming events hook)

Not a Bug 3.3.3 0

.ics File Imports not removed on calendar deletion.

Fixed 3.3.4 4.0.0 Beta 1

Massive 404 Google webmaster

Cannot Reproduce 0 0

Bug in latest Calendar upgrade?

Fixed 3.2.1 3.3.0

Upcoming Birthdays v1.0.0

Duplicate 3.3.0

Order Events by Startdate & Add start/end Time to titles in all views

Fixed 3.3.4 4.0.0 Beta 1

Upcoming Calendar Events Hook doesn't respect date format setting

Duplicate 3.3.0

Recurring calendar events in the sidebar hook

Not a Bug 3.3.1

Calendar XML Feed: Wrong Date/Time in <pubDate>

Cannot Reproduce 3.3.5 0