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  Title Status Version Fixed In

Enormus growing size of cache_store table

Fixed 3.3.1 3.3.2

IPB 3.2. Calendar Doesn't Display Calendar Events in Board Index

Cannot Reproduce

DST not taken into account on display

Fixed 3.3.1 4.0.0 Beta 1

Error when updating Internet Calendar Subscriptions

Cannot Reproduce 3.3.0

Birthdays not showing on Forum Index


minical cache growth

Fixed 0 0

Birthday hook not working

Cannot Reproduce 3.3.3 0

Viewing Calendar Events from iOS Device

Fixed 3.3.3 3.3.4

Can't change date format

Not a Bug 3.3.4 0

Board Index hook doesn't obey ACP time/date format

Fixed 3.3.3 4.0.0 Beta 1

Imported Calendar events have RSVP enabled

Not a Bug 3.3.1

Recurring events can sometimes be skipped in ICS

Fixed 3.3.1 3.3.2

3.3.2 beta should be 3.3.3

Fixed 3.3.2 3.3.3

Hardcoded strings in calendar permission

Fixed 3.3.3 3.3.4

Stray closing </strong> tag

Fixed 0 4.0.0 Beta 1

Date Format and Calendar Select JS

Fixed 3.3.3 3.3.4

isoDate for recurring events (upcoming events hook)

Not a Bug 3.3.3 0

.ics File Imports not removed on calendar deletion.

Fixed 3.3.4 4.0.0 Beta 1

Massive 404 Google webmaster

Cannot Reproduce 0 0

Order Events by Startdate & Add start/end Time to titles in all views

Fixed 3.3.4 4.0.0 Beta 1

Bug in latest Calendar upgrade?

Fixed 3.2.1 3.3.0

Upcoming Birthdays v1.0.0

Duplicate 3.3.0

Upcoming Calendar Events Hook doesn't respect date format setting

Duplicate 3.3.0

google trying to crawl non-existing calendar crashed sql?

Not a Bug 0 0

Recurring calendar events in the sidebar hook

Not a Bug 3.3.1