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Birthdays not showing on Forum Index

Hello, on Calendar Settings i have the options "Show today's birthdays on the forum index" turned on.
On my hooks, i have the "Upcoming Birthdays v1.0.0" Hook, enabled.

But birthdays are not showing.

Status: Fixed
Fixed In:


Submit a ticket please.
can reproduce this too, need a ticket filed by me?
Yes - I have the block showing up just fine, so we need to investigate to know why it's not showing for you.
I can't even find the hook? It's not showing as an installed or disabled hook.
That would most likely be why it's not showing up.

Did you install the new Calendar? It's now a separate app, and not bundled with IP.Board as it was in previous versions.
♥ Adam ♠
Jul 23 2011 12:11 AM
Can confirm bug. Have site setup to display Birthdays and advents 7 days in advance. Someone's birthday is tomorrow, but it's not showing up. Hook is active.
As already requested, submit a ticket
LOL mine turned into a whole reinstall for other issues so for now any items I reported are suspect.
Jul 24 2011 05:23 AM
i can confirm this, i wonder if it could be just for members who were there before the upgrade, could be wrong, i will test that though, but yeah i can confirm birthdays aren't showing, and it is setup properly.
just did a fresh install but imported members, wondering also if its due to members being there prior upgrade.
Jul 24 2011 10:49 PM
Seems to do it with a test member i created too. So I'm not sure.
yup same here. will also file ticket if I get chance today.
only birthdays that don't work for me events have shown up.
have not checked to see if there is scheduler issue happening though.
I can reproduce too.. how about fix it?
Here's how you can reproduce: change your birthday in your profile to today's date and then recache and rebuild. It's still not there.
same here
submitted a ticket too.
In the hook we are clearing the cache immediately before looping over it;

/admin/applications_addon/ips/calendar/sources/hooks.php (line 93)

$this->caches['birthdays'] = array();
keiichi morisato
Jul 29 2011 08:53 PM
I know I experienced the same problem but make sure that you have the birthday hook enabled ...

In the hook we are clearing the cache immediately before looping over it; /admin/applications_addon/ips/calendar/sources/hooks.php (line 93)

$this->caches['birthdays'] = array();

Just wondering if there's a temp fix for this so we don't have to wait till 3.2.?
I meant 3.2.1.
Comment out the line Andy just showed in the code box.
This is fixed in 3.2.1? I've updated and it's not fixed it.
Ignore me.. didn't twig that IP Cal was a separate download and not included in the 3.2.1 bundle.
It seems that this is still not fixed?
I have to recache manually before the birthday shows up?
Same here... I have to recache too for them to show up. I've made sure and re-installed the latest Calendar, but still not fixed.