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Calendar Hook Lenght

Hello I consider this to be a bug.

I believe there should be an event count limit (e.g. 5 events) in the calendar hook so that the hook doesnt look 1km long. It isn't practical to have it cut by a time range only. I believe all of us need to have the hook not to break the look of the board index - for example if there are 5 events scheduled for a week that will happen in 9 months.. then to have them shown I have to set the time range 9 months, doing so.. if someone submits 10 events which happen in 1 month the calendar hook becomes 14 events long.. simply..by the current system we have no control over the length of the hook.

Marcher has helped me with a patch for the previous IPB but in 3.3.1 it doesnt seem to work and I think it should be incorporated in the official package.

I have received no help from the support team stating that they would have to change the code for me.

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 3.3.0
Fixed In:


OK Marcher helped me with this patch in the skin hook edit

<if test="calendarEventsOuter:|:$events OR !$this->settings['autohide_calendar']">
<div class='ipsSideBlock clearfix'>
<div class='_sbcollapsable'>
<if test="calendarEventsInner:|:is_array( $events )"> 
<ul itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Event" class='ipsList_withminiphoto'>

                    <if test="$this->_count=0"></if>
<foreach loop="upcomingevents:$events as $event">
<if test="$this->_count++"></if>
<if test="$this->_count<=5">

                     <li class='clearfix'>
<if test="hasCalendar:|:is_array($event['calendar'])">
<a href="{parse url="app=calendar&amp;module=calendar&amp;section=view&amp;cal_id={$event['calendar']['cal_id']}" base="public" seotitle="{$event['calendar']['cal_title_seo']}" template="cal_calendar"}"><span class='ipsBadge ipsBadge_lightgrey'>{$event['calendar']['cal_title']}</span></a>
<a itemprop="url" href='{$event['url']}' title='{$event['date']}'><span itemprop="name">{$event['title']}</span></a>
<br /> <span class='date ipsType_small desc'>{$this->lang->words['next_occurrence']} {$event['date']}</span>
<meta itemprop="startDate" content="{$event['isoDate']}" />


<else />
<span class='desc'>{$events}</span>
I don't disagree with the suggestion, but it is not a bug. Please be sure to post this in the Calendar suggestions forum if you haven't already and I'll look for an upcoming version.