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Notification of calendar events is sent before approval

Got a ticket on this, haven't had a chance to test it out to verify, but.. They're saying that if events go into the mod queue, the notification is sent on event creation vs approval.

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.2.1
Fixed In: 3.3.1


Looking at the code, it is. This is tricky because there is no way to know during approval if a user has unapproved the event and is now reapproving it (thus, sending a notification twice if we send during approval unconditionally).

I noticed another bug here - event_approved is set even during editing, disregarding it's current value. I think when editing an event, the event_approval flag should not change from what it already was.

To resolve the issue reported, I think we should switch over to the newer style introduced in 3.3. Remove the 'unapprove' option and instead offer a "hide" option after the event is approved. That resolves the concern I mentioned earlier so we can always just send notifications when approving an event.