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Parse date showing wrong relative date

I thought this had been fixed...couldn't find the other ticket though...

Created a new calendar feed block in IP.Content... The next event on my calendar occurs tomorrow at 7:30 pm CST tomorrow. This afternoon, around noon, I KNOW the feed block showed the date April 5, 2012... After 6pm CST today, it changed and says TODAY...

It looks like the relative date is going based off GMT and not factoring in the time zone somewhere.

Both my time zone and the board native are CST. This same issue also appears when logged out.

I'm running Board 3.3.0, Calendar 3.3.0 and Content 2.3.1.

If you can't duplicate with the info above I'll put in a ticket...

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Fixed In:


I believe this bug was fixed for the IP.Calendar board index upcoming events hook, but I don't recall any changes in IP.Content related to this.

Can you duplicate this with the board index upcoming events hook? Assuming not, the issue is specific to the IP.Content calendar feed code. Just trying to narrow down where the issue is occurring.
This appears to be a duplicate of this other bug marked fixed in 3.3.0


This appears to be a duplicate of this other bug marked fixed in 3.3.0http://community.inv...tive-date-issue

That's the one I was looking for...

With ongoing use of the Calendar feed block, I can't duplicate this anymore...

That event was the next upcoming event when I upgraded to Cal 3.3.0 from 3.2.2 (Board 3.3.0)... Though I can't duplicate it on any of the other 8 events that I created at the same time...

If I run into it again and can figure out how to duplicate the issue i'll let you know.
This is one of those things that is pretty difficult to simply reproduce on demand. You have to have the right time zones set and hit the issue at the right time of day to boot.

I'm not seeing this issue locally best I can tell. The issue should have been corrected in 3.3.0 by the changes Mark made, so I'd recommend submitting a ticket so that someone can investigate closer.
Ok, sounds good. I didn't see your last reply when I replied.