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Ranged events in upcoming events

I can see this being right, I can see it being wrong.

Entered a ranged event.. 11/1 to 11/30 in the calendar

Upcoming events hook shows it on 11/11

Well, today is the 10th, and it happens today.. If you have a standard event happening today, it shows in the upcoming events with today's date..

but.. Technically.. The 11th is the 'upcoming' part of it.

Don't think it's right or wrong, particularly. Half will want it one way, half another.. I think CLEARER would be if we showed it with today's date..Clearest would probably be just have it show "Every xxxx until x/x/x" or something like that..

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 3.2.1
Fixed In:


Well, the real problem is the event gets saved as "midnight", so since it's past midnight today it sees the next occurrence as tomorrow. I agree though, it would be ideal to show it today in this case. I'll see what can be done.
This is the same issue Andy reported here best I can tell

This still doesn't work in certain examples.

Set an event for today, recurring yearly.. All day event.

It won't show on the upcoming events hook. If it's an event that would run 11am to 2pm.. I've got my test forum down, so I'll check that and see if it would show or not..

I get what you're saying about it being midnight, but.. Since the task only runs once every 12 hours anyway.. Does it really matter if you're getting that technical in the programming? If an event happens at 11am, and the task runs at 10:58am.. Assuming that you're saying that SHOULD show.. It's still going to be there until 10:58pm anyway. Of course, that pushes it to the point where an all day event from today, if the cache rebuilds at 11:58pm, it'll be there until about noon the next day..

I'd just think that "Upcoming Events" should show events happening today, even if they've passed their allotted time. Either way, it's going to be 'wrong' unless we raise the frequency of the cache rebuild, but.. I think it would be seen as less wronger if an event showed a few hours longer than it should.
That is a completely different issue from the sounds of it. Because you JUST added the event, the task that recaches upcoming events has not had a chance to run, so it's not included (and subsequently doesn't show on the board index). I suppose we could invalidate the cache when saving a new or updated event, but (as mentioned), that's something completely different and separate from the original report.

1) It does already rebuild the cache on save, so that's not an issue

2) I couldn't reproduce. Just added a yearly recurring event, all day, for today, and upon save it is immediately showing up in the upcoming events block on the board index. I'd recommend sending up the ticket if you found that issue via a ticket.