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Ranged events on calendar view


Specific event.. http://community.inv...t-ranged-event/

That's.. icky.

technically.. That is an event that starts on the 21st, ends on the 22nd.. So.. Shouldn't it show on the calendar main page as happening on both the 21st and 22nd?

Something tells me timezone is going to play a part in this?

Well, maybe not.. Because I expanded it to end at 11pm on the 22nd, vs the original 3am, and it still only showed on the one day.

It's got something to do with the ending time being 'before' the start time, no doubt. If I set it to run the 21st to the 29th, it doesn't show on the 29th.

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.3.0
Fixed In: 3.3.1