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RSVP on recurring events

This one... Would require some thought.

If you have a recurring event.. Every wednesday in 2012..

You RSVP to one day, you get assigned attending all days.. I can see why.. We RSVP on event, not date.. So..

That's not going to be easy to deal with.. I'd almost consider no RSVP on recurring, because you open a whole new can of worms.. You tie it to a date.. we have enough timezone problems.. They'll wind up RSVPed to attend on Thursday to an event occurring on a Wednesday that'll show on the calendar as happening on Tuesday.

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This isn't a bug, but I would like to enhance the functionality in a later release.
This bug came form my site. We are organizing regular weekly sport events and each time we have to build a team of players based on their availability. They can confirm their presence so that we know who is coming and that we have enough players.

At present when we confirm our presence for a particular date, we are booking for the whole year, the whole duration of the event which is ruining the whole point of using the calendar for management of this event. I had to create multiple single events and copy them 100000times to the calendar so that it works.

I don't think it can stay as it is for a long time as users will be tempted to be creating multiple events with RSVP...etc..
I understand, and as I previously mentioned, I would like to enhance the RSVP functionality in a future release.

when will this be included? 

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There is no guarantees when/if this change will be made, however the RSVP functionality was only introduced in the last release, and we have a list of several possible enhancements to this specific feature in Calendar which we would like to explore in the next major release.