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seo - calendar

reporting 403s rather than 404s for non existent calendars - either deleted calendars or not existing calendars

duplicate meta titles - may have a lot of these if have a busy calendar
as regular events will have teh same title a lot of the time
maybe add event date to the title for a fix

Status: Fixed
Version: 3.2.2
Fixed In: 3.3.0


Not verified
I fixed the 403/404 issue.

Regarding duplicate meta titles, I would need more specific information on what you are seeing. The event data does not reflect based on the day you view. If I am looking at the calendar and click on 'Ranged Event' for instance (this event spans every day in the month), the URL I am taken to is


Note that this is the URL for the event, not the day. While clicking on this event for any day will show the same title, that is because it is the same page/URL. If I instead click on the day, I end up at this URL


And the page title for this URL is "February 02, 2012" - which is of course unique.

I am unclear on where/why you would be seeing duplicate meta titles with regards to the calendar events. If you can supply a few pages that are generating the same page title, it might help.