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Emoticon and link buttons not working in chat pop-up window

Tested in both IE9 and Chrome.

Status: Fixed
Version: 1.3.1
Fixed In: 1.4.1


Works fine for me locally. Submit a ticket please.
disable he Load javascript files from Google option in system-advanced-cpu saving.
Are you saying disabling that fixes the issue? As in, if that's enabled the issue can be duplicated?
yes, I can replicate this at will by enabling these.
meant to say reproduce not replicate, sorry.
Harald Ponce de Leon
Jan 12 2012 10:20 AM
This also exists in v1.4.0. Disabling the javascript being loaded from Google is a workaround.

Is there a code patch that can be applied?

Kind regards,
Not at this time - the report is still confirmed.
This is an IP.Board bug. Popup window template is loading Prototype 1.6 from Google's servers, instead of 1.7. Main template is fine, and loading local JS files is fine.

You can patch manually by editing skin_global_other -> displayPopUpWindow, otherwise it will be fixed in 3.3.2 release.