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Need to Scroll Down Everytime in long chat

In long chat, whenever new message appears, i have to scroll down to read it properly.


It did not happen earlier, maybe due to new update of Chrome 17, not sure.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 1.4.0
Fixed In:


I just tested in Chrome 17.0.963.46 m and it was auto scrolling down as expected. Note that it only auto-scrolls if you are all the way at the bottom of the window.

If you can find any more details that may let me reproduce (e.g. certain condition needs to be met for this to happen) please reply with those details.
I can confirm this being intermittent issue which I was still not able to reproduce.

Some of my users complain some don't even when they seem to be on the same configuration in terms of browser/version/os.

As a temporary fix I've added following line in the js

                 * See above example comments after Debug.write lines
                if( ( $('messages-display').getHeight() - _totalOffset + $('messages-display').scrollTop ) >= ( $('messages-display').scrollHeight - 10 ) )
                        scrollBottom    = true;
//scrollBottom = true;

This fixed the problem for everyone, but defeated the functionality of not auto-scrolling when the scroll is not all the way down.

I didn't have time to investigate the issue yet, but above lines seem to be failing.

I have a movie proving the behaviour here:

Sorry forgot to remove the comment, the lines are

if( ( $('messages-display').getHeight() - _totalOffset + $('messages-display').scrollTop ) >= ( $('messages-display').scrollHeight - 10 ) )
                        scrollBottom    = true;
scrollBottom = true;
Anyone with this problem, have "Checking google mail" extension in his chrome?
Same error here..

this was mentioned last year:

I have managed to reproduce the bug and found out whats causing it. The bug appears when you post a smiley in the chatroom. The default ones including the ":wub:" smiley causes this. the more smileys posted, the more offset the scrolling is. i thing this is due to the smileys being bigger in height than the area allocated for the chat message and a calculation error for the height of all the chat messages occurs. Please fix this issue.

Tested now, i posted a smiley and the issue is appear.. Only in chrome btw.
Brandon: see the quote above (I haven't tested myself).

Client in ticket #799596 says has this same issue if you want to check with him.
I did reproduce last week when the last post was made. I still couldn't reproduce.
err, that was supposed to be "I did *test* last week... etc."
It's the smilies, you can scroll to the bottom, post : wub: and this happens:
Posted Image

It should have scrolled to:
Posted Image