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Private Chat - Member Leaves

I didn't see a report for this but...

Basically, if Member A starts a private chat with Member B, then Member B leaves the Chat completely (clicks "Leave") and returns... Member A cannot close the Private Chat window.

Clicking the Close button on the private chat window throws this error in Firebug.

$("storage_container_" + _rel) is null
Line 967

Status: Fixed
Version: 0
Fixed In: 1.4.1


This is probably related, so.. Just check if this fix fixed the other problem as well.

If you start a private chat, then the "Leave" button no longer works.

I would bet that these are the same problem, and your above fix corrected it. But.. Better safe than sorry. If it's legit, you can split it off, or start a new one, whatever.
That's a separate issue unrelated to this one, and I can confirm it. Starting a new report

We're still encountering this bug in 1.4.2

Ryan Ashbrook
Aug 28 2013 08:45 AM
Updating Version to: 0

I would recommend upgrading. The latest IP.Chat version is 1.4.4. If it is still not working properly, then I recommend submitting a ticket via your client area.