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<p></p> tags added around Teaser Paragraph content


1) Add an article with teaser paragraph content.
2) Switch to the Rich Text mode.
3) Switch to the Standard Text mode.


1) Add an article with teaser paragraph content.
2) Choose to edit the article.
3) Switch to Standard Text mode if it's not already.

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.3.1
Fixed In: 2.3.2


The alternative method doesn't always work if it loads the page with Standard Text mode on. But switching between Rich Text mode and Standard Text mode seems to usually work.
Moreover, it seems that URL BBCode in the Teaser Paragraph text area sometimes gets converted to a href HTML.
This is a combination of 2 issues...and partly working as intended.

1) The editor should disable the RTE mode. There was a bug in IP.Content preventing this from happening correctly when submitting new content, but caused it to happen when editing (which is why the STD mode comes up when you edit).

2) The RTE mode should not be available at all, if you allow HTML in the field. This is a bug in IP.Board itself (after correcting #1 above...IP.Content wasn't setting the isHtml() field properly for new submissions).


3) At the end of the day, content that was formatted with the RTE of course has HTML tags. When you edit it, if the RTE is not enabled, you will need to see those HTML tags. This is working as intended.

Ultimately, the problem is that HTML is not supported in the RTE as of IP.Board 3.3.0. IP.Content is calling the appropriate methods to disable the RTE editor (forcing the STD editor), but IP.Board is still allowing you to toggle to the RTE. That part needs to be fixed in IPB.