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block assets

this is not *just* 2.3.3.
Ok, so basically, edit any block template... change the feed type.
2 things are not occurring that should be.
A: No clean-up of the existing block directory.
B: No assets are moved over.
B is a required measure of fixing A.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 2.3.3
Fixed In:


The original folder is renamed - there is no cleanup required and assets are "moved" since the folder isn't removed (it's just renamed)

if( !file_exists( $blockDir .'/'. $folderName ) )
            if( $renamedFrom )
                @rename( $blockDir .'/'. str_replace('feed__', '', $renamedFrom), $blockDir . '/' . $foldername );

I've noticed locally in testing that I don't always have permissions set correctly - perhaps you are running into the same issue.
Marcher Technologies
Jun 17 2012 04:13 PM
likely... somehow I have IPS_FILE_PERMISSION coming up as 511 locally... will investigate further, simply following up.