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Default blocks overwritten / not modifiable anymore

Just to let you know that it seems to me you've made default blocks "impossible to edit" (forced to duplicate) between 2.3.0 and 2.3.1

That's very nice, but by doing so you also overwrite all the customisation we (I) have done while we were allowed to do them, in 2.3.0

I suggest the upgrader of 2.3.1 be modified to DUPLICATE any 2.3.0 block template (and consider thme "modified" by default).

Obviously, given the speed at which 2.3.0 has been replaced, this might not impact a lot of people... Only people who spent time in 2.3.0 to modifi default blocks...

Just a heads up, you've ruined me 3 blocks :)

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 2.3.1
Fixed In:


We do apologize for that. We debated on the best way to handle this particular scenario and determined that locking the default blocks was the best approach long-term.

As you said, this won't impact many people, so the extraneous code and effort in the upgrader would largely be time better spent on other tasks. I will see about getting a note added to the announcement to warn others.