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page caching, acp updated... but frontend not.

He is correct, at least in so far as with local testing, if i cache a page for *, then change the contents, it appears to save, and the code is there upon edit that has been changed, but the front-end does not and will not reflect the code changes until caching is disabled.... needs to be looked at.

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.3.2
Fixed In: 2.3.3


I have seen this problem as well with 2.3.2, exactly as described. It does save in the database correctly (if I were to logout of the admin console and come back to it, the edit I made persists) but the actual code displayed to the browser is not updated.

It's not a browser cache issue - I see it's not updated even if I wget the page and examine the HTML.
can verify also, so far have been ok with disable cache, make edits, then turn cache back on but only if I remember to do that.
Not tested
Jun 09 2012 05:32 PM

Not tested

Confirmed, same issue.
Even if Cache is set to *, after editing Content Page, when viewing the page, old content is given.
Thanks =)
Same problem here.
Updating Fixed In to: 2.3.3
Updating Status to: Fixed

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Hoping 2.3.3 will be out soon as for some reason, even disabling cache does not seem to update the pages. :)
You could run this query, in a pinch

update ccs_pages set page_cache='', page_cache_last=0;

Page cache is rebuilt on the fly as needed, so this just wipes the current cache causing it to be rebuilt on next view (for all pages, but that's not an issue really).