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Query strings containing / character cause page not found

Using latest IP.Content.

If you have a query string parameter which contains a / character, IPB redirects to the "Not Found" page configured for content. URLencoding the value before IPB gets it makes it work correctly.

Repro steps:

1. Configure IP.Content with friendly URLs, using the external index.php (not tested with IPS_DEFAULT_APP or /page/ friendly URL methods)
2. Create page, example /test.html
3. Browse to page with a query string containing a / character, example http://www.example.c...tml?test=/test/

Expected Result: /test.html loads correctly
Actual Result: IP.Board redirects to the 404 page configured in IP.Content settings.

Real life example: http://www.invisionp...support/status/ (working), http://www.invisionp...us/?test=/test/ (404)
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Status: Fixed
Version: 2.3.2
Fixed In: 2.3.3


Updating Fixed In to: 2.3.3
Updating Status to: Fixed
Updating Version to: 2.3.2