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Record bump not reflected in category listing

this one I am actually on a fence about, but is annoying me to bits here... obviously record bump is on here.
The bump option appears not to affect the 'latest' record in the categories listing, ergo, the 'latest' category record appears to disregard the database sort order.

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.3.2
Fixed In: 2.3.3


Marcher Technologies
Jul 31 2012 05:38 AM
for reference, this page is what I mean, the right side(category last record flag) appears to disregard the database sort order and go by record_saved regardless.
Updating Fixed In to: 2.3.3
Updating Status to: Fixed

The "latest record" will ALWAYS go by the record (updated, not saved) date, regardless of the database sorting. "Latest" is not subjective.

There is an option to allow comments to "bump" the record, and it is enabled, however I did find a bug here. Disregarding a separate item markers bug still present on this site (but fixed locally), when the record was updated due to a new comment, the categories weren't being recalculated/recached, which is why they wouldn't "bump" on the index page as they should have. Fixed that.
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