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Subdomain redirects to main domain.

I wouldn't doubt I'm doing something stupid and missing something painfully obvious but gonna report this as a bug so you can test it and see if it's just me or not.

Main site: domain.com
Sub site: sub.domain.com

Using the index.php file from the IPC zip file and putting in the correct path to where IPB is installed, as well as putting in 'http://sub.domain.com/' into the list of URL's in ACP/Apps/IPC/Settings/Advanced and using the .htaccess file generated for that domain.

Try accessing http://sub.domain.com/index.html and it redirects me to http://domain.com/index.html and does that for any valid page that is attempted to be accessed via the subdomain. If the page being attempted isn't valid, then it loads the error page just fine without redirecting to the primary site. Tried changing the primary domain to use the 'www' prefix and it still does the same thing.

If I'm being stupid and there's a setting that I've overlooked, then oops. But my understanding of it all is that we're supposed to be able to use it on different (sub)domains (thus the Advanced settings URLs option).

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.3.2
Fixed In: 2.3.3


This ties in with an issue reported via the client center too. Basically, IP.Content is enforcing only one valid URL for any given page. The problem is, this means that multiple "URL to index.php" options aren't really preserved.

If I 'fix' this report, it means you will allow multiple URLs for any given page, but there's no way around that, except to keep the functionality currently in place (redirect to the 'master' version).
One way around it that I've come up with and am going to use is to have a folder for subdomains and inside that have the subdomain as a nested folder. (example, might name the folder 'crazyFrog', then inside that the domain 'sub' from sub.domain.com, so it's root/crazyFrog/sub/index.html for the root page for the subdomain. not hard to set up from inside the index.php file.) Yeah, if someone knows the URL structure then they could still access the subdomain pages from the primary domain, but I think it's a feasible solution until you guys think of a way to make pages independent for each domain.
Updating Fixed In to: 2.3.3
Updating Status to: Fixed