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Categories are not navigable anymore after forum upgrade to 3.3.1


I run IP.Downloads 2.4.0 and the site was rock solid until the upgrade of the forum to 3.3.1

Now my users cannot browse categories any more.

Whenever visiting a category at http://reboot.pro/files/ we are greeted with a
Sorry, we couldn't find that!

My community is providing feedback at http://reboot.pro/16722/

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 2.4.0
Fixed In:



You should upgrade to 2.5.0, I doubt that 2.4.x was thoroughly tested with 3.3 since it is out of date.
Thanks. I'm just sad that an upgrade to the forum software breaks my other applications.

This forces me to renew the license for an IP.Downloads that was perfectly functional before and spend more money without added value on my side.

I am not an happy customer, nor are my members anywhere happy with these recurrent situations: http://reboot.pro/16746/
Your IPB license allows you to have a live installation and a test one, next time make a copy of your site somewhere and test an upgrade there to find those kind of issues before upgrading your live installation.

As a general rule when you upgrade IPB itself you should always upgrade all the applications as well to the last version, especially when upgrading to a new major version of IPB.