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Comment unapproval error

This site. Attempting to unapprove (hide) a comment will throw this popup:

Error line: /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/sources/classes/comments/bootstrap.php.670

Nothing else in it, just that. :smile:

Not sure if its an IDM concern or not but initially putting the report here as that was the application where I'd noticed it.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 2.5.0
Fixed In:


Where are comments enabled in IP.Downloads here? :blink: We use the forums for commenting.

Can you link me to where you saw this?
Reviews sorry, although I still called them comments:


That's not the file in question (as that's not here now) but that one does it too, checkbox the last comment and choose to hide it. :smile:

Quick pic:

I *believe* that must be an incompatibility on our site. You'll notice, the 'hide' option isn't even present in the list of links (but is in the menu when you check the checkbox). Locally it's working fine.

Check this again when 2.5.1 is applied to the site and let me know if you still see this issue.