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Delet files problem

I've visited a file in my board which I uploaded as a test. At the page where the file is show I've tried to delet the file put get the message of having not the permission to do so. I was loggedin as an Admin + Moderator of this category and should have the permission to delete anything I want.

When I go to the category view and select the file there and start the delete over the Mod options there it seems to work fine.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Fixed In:


Your skin is most likely out of date. A secure key was added to that link in this release, which your modified skin may not have (and would result in an error if it was missing).
That should be mentioned ;) somewhere
It is an inherent requirement during EVERY update of EVERY product that your skins may need to be updated. This is not something we mention with every release simply because it applies to every release, and because we do not provide support for customized skins.