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downloads forced to http

Have a user who has the site forced to https.. board_url in conf_global.php is set to https.. HTTP does not work.. It's https only.

When users would try to download files, it would fail, because, it's being forced to http..

                                <a href='{parse url="app=downloads&amp;module=display&amp;section=download&amp;do=do_download&amp;id={$file['record_id']}" base="http" template="idmdodownload" seotitle="{$info['file_name_furl']}"}' class='download_button rounded'>

The base='http' in that is what's doing it.. But.. I'm not sure if there's a specific reason for that to be in there or not? It causes a problem when the forum is https only.

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.5.0
Fixed In: 2.5.1


We usually define "public" as base so it being defined to "http" is probably related to some kind of bug (or just an oversight). I'll let Brandon take a look.
This was changed in revision 9331. Investigating the reason.