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Moderaton panel showing paid (packages) files as free

The moderator panel template to show unapproved files for IP.Downloads is listing paid files associated with nexus packages with the free badge because a check is missing in the skin template "skin_downloads_other => moderatorPanel":
<if test="checkForNexus:|:IPSLib::appIsInstalled('nexus') && $this->settings['idm_nexus_on']">

The correct check requires to include "file_nexus":
<if test="checkForNexus:|:IPSLib::appIsInstalled('nexus') && $this->settings['idm_nexus_on'] && !$data['file_nexus']">

Status: Fixed
Version: 2.5.1
Fixed In: 2.5.2


Updating Status to: Confirmed - Skin Issue

Updating Fixed In to: 2.5.2
Updating Status to: Fixed