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What's new block

On here in FF12, the 'What's New' block left arrow does not work, if you click to scroll right you cannot get back without refreshing the page.

Could not see any JS issues with a quick look, however sometimes (sorry) the other block can misbehave too, either not moving one way or the other. Not really sure what to add, given it seems a bit intermittent.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 2.5.1
Fixed In:


Works just fine for me on FF 12, I've tried several times but I've never noticed any issue.
I'd recommend clearing your cache just to be certain, but it's working for me. Note that the left button will NOT work WHILE the block is scrolling. e.g. if you click right and then immediately click the left button before it's down scrolling, it won't do anything. That was done intentionally to fix a separate bug report.