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After uploading new images: Wrong page

To reproduce:
  • Click "Upload" button
  • Click "Select Album" button
  • Your Albums -> Select an album with more images in it to upload images
  • Choose Files...
  • After the uploader uploaded the images and you have more then ONE page, you not redirected to the page with your new images but to page one.

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 4.2.1
Fixed In:


Jul 11 2012 07:45 AM
Not a Bug??? This is very confusing and working not like other parts of IP.Software and other software...
That's not a fair comparison because no other suite software functions in the same manner. You don't submit 10 topics at once. You don't submit 10 blog entries at once. You don't submit 10 IDM files at once. You submit one, so we take you to that item directly.

With Gallery, you submit a variable number of images in one go, and we take you to the container afterwards. If your container sorted by "Last uploaded" in "Desc" order, all of your newly uploaded files would be right on that page, however what if you sort by views and none of your images have views? It's near impossible to tell what page you would need to be sent to. We just send you to the container, which is perfectly logical and shouldn't be at all confusing.