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Friends album issue

This is a bit complicated. A bit tricky to test too as involves account swapping a lot. After more testing it seems to be some kind of caching issue ?

Adjust an album (via the ACP) to be friend only, then examine its setting on the front end as its owner, you'll note it is now set as friend only as it should be.

The issue here is non friends can still view it via browse / detail view if they know its URL. :) , its not listed anywhere but if they know the URL it still shows them. They cannot see the images themselves but they can see the thumbs etc in those two views.

Clicking an image produces the "[#10744.1] Sorry, but that does not appear to be a valid image." message.

RSS export is empty as expected.

If you adjust it via the front end ucp settings (sometimes just set to normal then back again to friend only) it seems to work OK.

Private albums seem to be OK though, they error out as expected.

Status: Fixed
Version: 4.2.1
Fixed In: 4.2.1


Aug 08 2012 12:55 PM
This says that it's fixed. Was there a hotfix that was released, that I need to apply?
It is marked as fixed in v4.2.1 which should be available in your client center.
@Kevin, IIRC it was an internal build for the QA team not a released one so as Brandon has said the one in the Client Centre should not have this problem anyway. :)