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Gallery member albums and sub-albums


So, i have a few global albums wehere members are allowed to upload images and create galleries.

Let's take for example this global album:

There are members that travel a lot and have a lot of photos to upload, therefore they need to add an album and within that album to create more sub-albums.

FIrst issue:
After creating an album, then a sub-album and adding images in the sub-album:
- The created album appears in the bottom of the list. Why? Shouldn't it appear as a normal albumwithout sub-albums at the top of the list?

Second issue:
As you can see in the link above, there is a gallery called "Into The World - Pe Moto Prin Africa Si Mai Departe".
- It has no thumbnail image - because the images have been added in its sub-albums, not in the container album.

Status: Fixed
Version: 4.2.1
Fixed In: 5.0.0 Beta 1