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Image comments

After an upgrade (421 to 500B1) the stats on both the front end and the ACP (even after rebuilding them via the ACP stat rebuild) show zero comments. :)

A quick double check in the db shows 54 comments present (correct) and they do show on the images as expected, just the stat counters on both the front end and the admin panel are stuck at zero for some reason.

Status: Fixed
Version: 5.0.0 Beta 1
Fixed In: 5.0.0 Beta 1


Updating Status to: Awaiting Feedback

Can you resync your categories and then rebuild this cache? Let me know if its fixed then please.
Well that's interesting. :)

I resynced the cats (no change) then went along to rebuild the caches, thought I'd save time and just click rebuild all although it threw an error, but the error is inside the ACP window not a usual white page...

[b]Fatal error[/b]: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'gallery is not an object' in C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\sources\base\ipsRegistry.php:1079 Stack trace: #0 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\sources\base\ipsRegistry.php(1177): ipsRegistry::getClass('gallery') #1 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\applications_addon\ips\gallery\modules_admin\albums\manage.php(618): ipsRegistry->__get('gallery') #2 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\sources\base\ipsRegistry.php(3379): admin_gallery_albums_manage->cacheAttachToForum() #3 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\applications\core\modules_admin\tools\cache.php(265): ips_CacheRegistry::rebuildCache('gallery_fattach', 'gallery') #4 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\applications\core\modules_admin\tools\cache.php(103): admin_core_tools_cache->cacheUpdateAllProcess() #5 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\sources\base\ipsController.php(306): admin_core_tools_cache->doExecute(Object(ipsRegistry)) #6 C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\sources\base\ipsController.php(120): ipsCommand->execute(Object(ipsRegistry)) #7 C:\_W in [b]C:\_Wamp\www\_QA\332up\admin\sources\base\ipsRegistry.php[/b] on line [b]1079

Its the gallery_fattach doing it, tried them manually.

No change on doing the others though.
Well, I fixed the exception. But I can't reproduce the other issue. It sounds like something is out of sync on your install, but I'm having a hard time imagining what (albums and categories are rebuilt during 5.0.0 upgrade step, and then the caches are rebuilt automatically later on). When I upgraded the co forum test install, it has a comments count showing.

I will retest with your 2.3 database and see if I can duplicate there.
Updating Fixed In to: 5.0.0 Beta 1
Updating Status to: Fixed