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Issue w/resizing

The best way to reproduce is follow these steps:

Image Settings: Full Size Image Dimensions

Width: 1067

Height: 800

Image Settings: Medium Size Image Dimensions

Width: 800

Height: 600

Now upload a portrait (not landscape) image larger than this, say 3000 x 4000, and let it resize.

Both the Medium and Large images resize the same.

Result: Medium (600 x 800) Large (600 x 800)

The Medium SHOULD be resizing to 600 HEIGHT. So it would be 600 x 450. The Large seems to be correctly resizing since it is capping the height. Since it seems to be "swapping" dimensions (to landscape) for Medium you end up with two of the same.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 4.2.1
Fixed In: 0


Updating Status to: Cannot Reproduce

Testing against v5 I cannot duplicate. Uploaded something that was like 900x1000 and the image turned out as 476x600 and 634x800, which appears correct. Might have been fixed unintentionally during the update.
Is there any way to get the fix for 4.2.1?
It's resizing the small image the same way.
I don't know what change fixed the issue, so I'm afraid there's not a direct fix I can backport. Much of the code was refactored for 5.0.