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Show albums on index

This is something that's going to be difficult to do from what I can see..

First.. Let's look at this.


That's post-fix.. but.. On that users forum, "Members Images" is album 12, while "Games Images" is album 14.

I added a sort into the hook right after the if ($cache [$id]) statement to get it to display like that. Previously, it was showing the opposite way with games on top and members on the bottom.

The hook is just pulling the cache, the cache is just pulling based on the order in the database.. And, if you viewed the actual gallery_albums_main table, 14 was above 12 with no sorting applied.

Rare, rare, rare I would think that something like this would happen, but, if someone wants to add albums to a forum, I think they would expect that if they added multiple albums, the sorting would be the same as the sorting in the gallery itself.

The problem.. I don't see a way that we can sort albums showing on board index based on the gallery sorting, based on how the data is pulled.

This particular one was just a happy coincidence that they all needed to be sorted by the album ID and that worked.

Status: Not a Bug
Version: 4.2.0
Fixed In:


There's no guaranteed sorting of albums when you append more than one to a single forum.