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Attachments in support tickets

There's one certain bug in here, and one that maybe needs some consideration on how we could better handle it..

1) if you have jpg setup as an allowed mime type, and someone sends a JPG file.. It doesn't come through.. Simple enough, add a strtolower in the classIncomingEmail.php

2) This one.. Requires some more thought.. What if there's a file with NO extension? Or, someone sends a file that is not setup in the allowed types? Right now, it's just being /dev/nulled more or less. No notification to the recipient that a non-allowed filetype was sent, and no notification to the sender that the attachment didn't come through.

The "no extension", I don't see a way around.. You can't setup a file type with no extension in IPB, and even if you do, by faking it through the database, the attachment doesn't make it into nexus. Plus, if you send a no extension file.. How's the recipient supposed to know what kind of file it is?

I don't like the idea of allowing just any attachment.. that's not really a good idea. I don't like the idea of what we're doing now, either.. And, so far as I know, there's no documentation on how you would allow specific attachments to come through.. No docs that say you have to set the allowed extension types in IPB's attachment types, which is under the "Forums" tab.

My best guess for something like this, and, this is outside the 'no-extension' part.. If a user sends a non-allowed extension type, could that be appended to the support request? Something like

"User sent attachment test.mon that was removed"

At the end of the original support request or something?
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Status: Fixed
Version: 1.4.0
Fixed In: 1.5.0


Really need something that at least tells the admin an attachment was nulled.

Another email issue I just noticed is that certain special characters in the subject line of an email will also be ignored by nexus.

For instance, an email with a subject of "I sent an email to your support@invisionpower.com address" will never make it because of the @ symbol.

I can appreciate that email integration is one of the newer features of the IPS suite, but some of these issues are pretty crippling.