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Coupoon calculations

This is actually several parts here..

1) When you apply a coupon that is NOT limited to specific items.. You do fairly clearly state

For example, if the code is for a 50% discount and the user purchases one of the products specified above, and another product - if this setting is yes, 50% of the first item will be deducted and the second item will be charged at full price; if this setting is no, 50% will be deducted from the total amount to pay.

BUT.. Eh.. I don't know, that's a total judgement call.. My focus is that it's taking it off shipping cost as well, which.. I can hardly see anyone WANTING to do.. And tie it back in with this.. http://community.inv...on-calculation/

I don't know.. To me, those.. I'm leaning towards that being having your cake and eating it, too.. "Ok, discounts won't affect shipping, but, here, discounts affect shipping".. When you GENERALLY get a discount applied, it applies to your PURCHASES, not to shipping costs.. That's how I look at it, but, I wouldn't argue that the way it's doing it is 'wrong', because if you limit the coupon to ALL items in the shop, then shipping is out of the equation, so, there's a way to do it, but.. I don't know, that's good in terms of flexibility.. Maybe a specific notation on the setting that if you don't limit it to specific items, it will take it off the total amount to pay (THIS INCLUDES SHIPPING COSTS)

2) Ok.. This one.. This is an issue..


Item cost is 10.98, plus a 15% tax.. that's $12.63.. We're taking 20% off 12.63.. Which equals $2.50 off, or $9.98 total.

However, base cost of 10.98, 20% off that is $2.20.. Which brings a subtotal of $8.78, add in 15% tax on that, it's $10.10, add in the $5.00 shipping, total should be $15.10

We get WILDLY different numbers pending on whether tax is included or not.

The above example is with tax included in price.



Is what you get when tax isn't included.. Neither one is right.

If you DON'T include tax in the price, then the tax is generated off the total before the discount. Well, no it's not.. I don't know what it's doing.

If you DO include tax in the price, then the entire item/tax combination is discounted by the discount percentage and is wrong.

Reality lies somewhere in the middle.

Status: Fixed
Version: 1.4.0
Fixed In: 1.5.0


Just a note:
12.63*(1-0.2) = 10.10

12.63*.2 = 2.53
12.63 - 2.53 = 10.10

10.10 + 5 shipping = 15.10

which is exactly the same as your second calculation

In the first screencast the item is listed as 12.48 NOT 12.63 (10.98*1.15 = 12.63)

So that would be where the problem is
Ah, there you go then.. 3 different windows open, tripped all over myself.
1. Not a bug (it does say "the amount to pay").

2. Fixed