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Grid view alignment

In grid view the boxes are misaligned starting on row 2.


Status: Fixed
Version: 1.4.2
Fixed In: 1.5.2


Please submit a support request.
Figured out the cause.

Happens when the title takes up two lines. Boxes are the same size but get misaligned.

Screenshot below.

Now if you make the title even longer it fixes it by truncating it and bringing it to one line, but please don't fix this by making it truncate earlier, I would like to show my entire title. The boxes should align properly and be able to use two lines (or make them wider).

Not fixed in 1.5. Same misaligned boxes.
Please submit a support request if you're still experiencing the issue.
28 characters on 1600x1050 is where it seems to happen..

We have this code in the gridview

            <if test="strlen( $package['p_name'] ) > 32">
                {parse expression="IPSText::truncate( $package['p_name'], 28 )"}
            <else />

So, anything that is over 28 characters, automatically seems to have the problem.

Changing that code to

            <if test="strlen( $package['p_name'] ) > 27">
                {parse expression="IPSText::truncate( $package['p_name'], 27 )"}
            <else />

Seems to make it happy.
This addresses it but truncates too much and my packages look the same, for now it's a fix but please fix so we can use the original length title and if it wraps down it does not push the other box down. The problem was not with the box stretching, as it did not, but with the box next to it moving a line. Thanks!
Jason's fix worked, but the new fix does not.

Now it's only fixed if the "line break" boxes are next to each other. If in a row, there is a regular and a line break box, the same exact alignment issue happens.

Also now the like break text is touching the bottom of the box with no padding.
What's the name of the package that's breaking it for you?

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...and try row 2 and down, and also have one non-breaking package title next to it. Just like the screenshot above.

This is still an issue. When the title wraps a line, the boxes are the same height in pixels BUT the left and right are staggered.