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Invoice limit of 9999.99

Confirmed in a 1.0.3 install, and reported in 1.1.0 (but I can't test that since I get that SQL error going to the store in 1.1.0)

Invoice won't print amount larger than 9,999.99 of (apparently) any currency.

Added a package with a price of $25,000.00 and it comes up as $9,999.99 in the invoice.

Foreign currencies, such as Yen, could be in the hundreds of thousands as an amount.

Status: Fixed
Fixed In:


Updating status to: Fixed
Updating severity to: 2 - Fair
Issue fixed in: 1.1.1
can i fix it by myself, not waiting for new release?
Not really. It's quite an involved fix.
Reopening, because in 1.1.1 the same package now gives this error:

[#20X111] We are unable to process a purchase amount that is so high. Please contact an administrator for assistance.

If I reduce that to 9,999.99 it works. Is that the fixed limit now?

If so, that will be a problem for anyone selling items in Japan. ;)
It's the limit set by paypal, it's based on the currency you use:
public $maxAmounts = array(
		'USD'	=> 10000,
		'EUR'	=> 8000,
		'CAD'	=> 12500,
		'GBP'	=> 5500,
		'JPY'	=> 1000000,
		'AUD'	=> 12500,
		'CHF'	=> 13000,
		'NOK'	=> 70000,
		'SEK'	=> 80000,
		'DKK'	=> 60000,
		'PLN'	=> 32000,
		'HUF'	=> 2000000,
		'CZK'	=> 240000,
		'SGD'	=> 16000,
		'MXN'	=> 110000,
		'ILS'	=> 40000 ,
		'HKD'	=> 80000,
		'NZD'	=> 15000,
		'TWD'	=> 330000,
		'THB'	=> 360000,
		'PHP'	=> 500000,
		'BRL'	=> 20000,
		'ARS'	=> 30000,
		'MYR'	=> 40000

We can't override paypal limits so... not much else we can do about it.
Just changing back to fixed because what you posted is now WAI.

PayPal (and other gateways) a limit for each currency, that error happens when there are no available payment methods because none of them can handle an amount hat high.
The limits for PayPal are explained here.

If you have a ticket that you think is getting that message in error, please send it up to me :)
Well, that would certainly explain what was happening! Thanks. No tickets. :)
Re-open topic,
this issue it still not fixed!
I was a potential buyer for IP.Nexus
but the following error really blew me off!

[#20X111] We are unable to process a purchase amount that is so high. Please contact an administrator for assistance.

http://a7401.demo.invisionpower.com/ (Iam sure you have the logins and passwords => nothing is changed)

Everything is set by default, and its a IPB Demo board for crying out loud!
Even a simple task of buying a 10 dolar item seems to fail
i mean what is the use of buying nexus if the most important task does not even work?

When does it get fixed?
Should i be looking for a other "store" system?

Your opinion on this plz
Updating version to: None

That's because no payment gateways are enabled by default. You have to set one up.

ty for the reply,
maybe you can add an "information box" telling the user and/or admin,
that their are no active payment gateways active ?