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Issuing a refund to a user returns their payment through the payment gateway, but also gives them an account credit they can later use

This issue is only tested with PayPal.

When an administrator clicks the refund button when viewing the details of a transaction, the payment gateway is instructed to process the refund. However, the customer account is also credited with the amount that was refunded as an account credit. The user can then use this credit to repurchase an item in the store, essentially receiving it for free.

Status: Fixed
Version: 1.5.2
Fixed In: 1.5.3


Updating Fixed In to: 1.5.3
Updating Status to: Fixed


Thanks for finding this! I just updated my credits to 0.

Faraaz Sareshwala
Dec 17 2012 12:11 AM

This appears to have regressed in the latest version of IP.Nexus.