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List/Grid clicking doesn't show products

Clicking the list/grid button on index causes products not to show.


Status: Fixed
Version: 1.5.2
Fixed In: 1.5.3


Forgot to add I'm using the latest version of Chrome.
Updating Status to: Cannot Reproduce

The issue here is when clicking into grid it reverts to popular products instead of staying at featured products as list is for default. All we are doing here is switching views, not making a choice between featured or popular.

Updating Status to: Unconfirmed

Can reproduce locally when default view is list mode - open the store, featured products show by default, click Grid, it shows popular-grid rather than featured-grid as expected.

Works normally when you've manually selected list or grid view in the store.
Updating Fixed In to: 1.5.3
Updating Status to: Fixed