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Notify of support request email address incorrect and fails

The notification email address for new support request are not pulling the correct value, it should be sending to admin@domain.com, however the emails are being sent to a@server1.hostname.com and failing.

Status: Fixed
Version: 1.5.0
Fixed In: 1.5.1


I don't understand.

Which emails specifically? And where is the second email coming from?
admincp > nexus > support setting > departments > select department > edit > notify email address

When a ticket is submitted or replied too, nexus normally sends an email notification to that address, however with this update, rather then sending to email@domain.com (which is in that field) it's sending it to a@hostname.domain.com
It works fine for me. I still don't understand where "a@hostname.domain.com" is coming from.
I stopped getting support emails after 1.5. Not sure if this is related.

Ticket #806125