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Permission set error

Cancel a package for a member and it does not remove the permission set.
If you cannot reproduce this, this member had also purchased a higher package with a permission set, that's why I was deleting the lower. But the other set was never removed.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 0
Fixed In: 0


Updating Status to: Cannot Reproduce

Here's the steps, it's a bit complicated.

1. Member purchases (with 100% coupon) membership with group change and permission set.
2. Same member buys a higher up group change with permission set.
3. I see the error, in not upgrading and buying another package, so I cancel package 1.
4. Then I realize, in general, I do not need permission sets attached to these memberships, because they are part of the group they change to. So I remove them from the active memberships by editing the package.
5. Member is stuck with less permissions, does not know why. I see member is set to the original (1) permission set, so I remove it from her profile.

So basically, it was not removed via cancel. And it was not removed via editing memberships because the member was no longer in that group.

Possibly related: http://community.inv...rn-group-r38447

I mention the "possibly related" bug because the return usergroup was wrong after step 3 because of the member's new purchase and support ran a query to adjust it. Then it got messed up again after step 4 with the bug of removing permission sets: http://community.inv...rn-group-r38447

So that's all the steps.