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Shipping rates don't accept decimal values

Assigning a shipping rate with commas isn't accepted in ACP. It's rounded.

Status: Not a Bug
Version: Beta 3
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Based on your description, I'd guess that it wants periods rather than commas. Perhaps your locale is set incorrectly? Although I don't know for sure if that would have any effect - can you enter commas in other areas without problem?
When entering a price for a package I use periods and it works fine, with commas it doesn't and tells me "value is not valid". But that's okay. When entering a shipping rate I tested it with period and comma f.e. 1.32 or 1,32 and it is rounded down to 1. I have no idea why.
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See PM.
Working fine for me on your site...

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Any specifics I need to reproduce this?
Could it be a problem with a different language setup? I use German keyboard layout on a MacBook Pro.
I just tested this for you and I was able to reproduce this.

Enter 3,45 instead of 3.45


Looks like 3,45 is rounded off to 3

Mark, he meant rounded off for a better understanding. :)
If you use a decimal point rather than a comma, does it work?
for me yes and using a comma only rounds off. Just incase if you need to know that I reproduce this using intel computer in English by Cybertron International, Inc.
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If the locale is set correctly, the local decimal point will work. I suspect the issue here is with multiple locales - unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done if that is the case.