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Wrong price error

I have a package and a usergroup gets a discount.
When checking out it says:

$40 $30

But when clicking add to cart and the custom fields appear it says:

$0 $30

And the strike is through 0 instead of the full price.

Status: Fixed
Version: 1.5.3
Fixed In: 0


From ticket #812470

This appears to be caused by the "Base price adjustment" field in product options.

When the product is displayed in the store it shows correctly $40 $30. When clicking add to cart, the custom fields appear and the strikeout price changes to that of the base price adjustment. In this case, $0. In the case of my local testing, $5 (base price adjustment is set to +$5.00).

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Updating Status to: Fixed
Updating Version to: 1.5.3