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Conversion of SMF message icons to Post icons in IPB


I have found a critical bug and a very important missing feature from the IPB conversion script, when converting the message icons from SMF to Post icons in IPB. That feature has been altogether ignored, which is a really big disappointment. My SMF forum has over 20,000 topics and my members have always used the customized message icons that i have set up to describe the genre of their topics, so the conversion of these message icons to Post icons in IPB is of supreme importance. Currently, this is the only bug that is preventing me from buying this software. I hope that someone from the IPB staff will update the conversion script to consider the message icons from SMF (both 1.1 and 2.0 use message icons). It shouldn't be too difficult to configure the conversion script to consider the SMF message icons (not just the default message icons, but ALL message icons added).

Thank you.

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It has been 10 months since i stated this lack of this conversion feature. I hope this can be added into the free conversion script, as i have been waiting a long time to buy IPB when this really nifty conversion feature is added. My forum community uses the message icons very actively, so i definitely DO NOT want to lose those after the conversion from SMF 1.1.15 or 2.0.1 to the latest IPB. Can someone please convey this strong concern to the developers so that they would at least consider to fit in this little (but crucial to me and my community) feature into the next version of your free conversion script for SMF.
IP.Board doesn't have anymore Post Icons in topics so converting those over is not an option.

IP.Board doesn't have anymore Post Icons in topics so converting those over is not an option.

What! Oh no! But why has it been removed? Is this a permanent change? Can it be added separately? As from which version of IPB was the Post icons removed? I'm feeling so disappointed right now. I guess i'll have to stay with SMF forever then.
I can't really remember the version right now.. maybe 3.1.

It is surely possible to code an hook and have the post icons added back, but it needs to be coded. I'm not sure if there is one already around for that.