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Converting from SMF 1.1 causes all links to be shortened

For example, in my SMF posts, before conversion to IPB, i have a full URL like this: http://community.inv...er.com/tracker/
But after conversion, in IPB, i see this: http://communi...com/tracker/ which is misleading and annoying, as it truncates all the URLs and that should be an option added to the converter, rather than being forced onto new users of IPB who just want to convert their existing forums without any radical changes to their posts and how they were presented to their members. The biggest problem with that is clarity of the URL, so members can't read the full URL before they click on it. I have always valued the ability to see which site i'm actually going to, before clicking on any link. That's incredibly important. Another huge drawback is when editing a converted post, as using the WYSIWYG editor in IPB, just shows the same shortened version of the URL, which frankly makes it impossible to edit the link, as only part of the link is visible. To edit the link, the member has to show the entire code of the post and then do the HTML edits, being forced to give up on the more friendly and convenient WYSIWYG editor.

It is really very important to modify the original posts as little as possible after conversion. The structure of all URLs found in posts, must absolutely be kept unchanged. I don't see why this option cannot be implemented, as the full URL is there, but it's being hidden behind text which is just a shortened version of the full URL. Thank you for considering this serious bug.

Status: Not a Bug
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URLs aren't actually shortened - it's the IP.Board BBCode handler that does that - the converters aren't touching post content, so it's not a bug with the converters.

To show my point, this bug report has also shortened your URLs:

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