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I think the latest update invalidated converter re-route

I had converted from FusionBB a few years back. And we had a few files in the main root of the site that would take the old style URL and transpose it to the location of the new post or its current location.

However it may have stopped working?

Here is a report that someone just made:


Status: Fixed
Fixed In:


Best option is to submit a ticket, our conversion specialist will need to have a look at your board.
Ryan Ashbrook
May 23 2012 06:42 PM
This actually has to do with the Archive feature is 3.3. Some of our converters have redirect scripts that reference old Post ID's, rather than old Topic ID's (FusionBB, for example).

These scripts need to be updated so if the original cannot be found in the posts table, then reference the forums_archive_posts table as a fallback.

I've already fixed the one in FusionBB. The rest need to be looked into, though, to make sure any of those that are similar are also updated... I'll leave this open for now until that's done.