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phpBB3 Passwords

Something has changed in the phpBB3 Password Hashing algorithm, which is causing some people to experience login issues post-conversion.

By my research, it only effects certain clients. So some may experience the issue, and some may not.

Status: Cannot Reproduce
Version: 0
Fixed In: 0


I have converted from phpbb3 and NO PASSWORDS MATCH. How ipb could give a free converter with therse critical bugs?
It's one bug, and it's not as critical as you say it is. As is the nature with software, we don't hand out the free converters with critical bugs - we just don't know about them until people report.. :turned:

Anyway.. it's a specific phpbb bug, it only effects a handful of phpbb converts, passwords work for the majority of phpbb converts.

You can either get users to reset their passwords, or wait to see what we can find in the converters - but this won't be looked at until after the holidays.
Updating Fixed In to: 0
Updating Status to: Cannot Reproduce
Updating Version to: 0

Can't reproduce this on my testing sites at all. Suppose it's been fixed previously.